Wednesday, August 30, 2006


But that's not the worst of it.

CNN Anchor Kyra Phillips spoke "potty talk" in the bathroom, too. CNN and Ms. Phillips have since apologized for upstaging a presidential speech. Watch and listen here:

As a reporter, I've always been told to assume that my mic is hot (meaning that it's on.) It's easy to forget that saying, though...What do you think?


Laurie said...

As a reporter I've been caught with the open mic. Not too cool I learned my lesson but, it for sure didn't rise to the level of this.
The audio guy was also obviously a genius. I wonder what's going to happen to her? There's no questions it's the reporters responsibility. Other people have the responsibility of backing her up. I bet her brother's happy.

Ann said...

Hi Michelle,

My name is Ann and I saw your post on the KAAN newsletter. Just wanted to say hi from NYC from one Korean adoptee to another. It sounds like we have some things in common related to the adoption experience. Anyway, I'd love to tell you more about my org and our upcoming event for adoptees in Oct. If you'd like more info, email me at Thanks and take care!

Rose said...

hey Michelle--
I too learned about you from the KAAN newsletter. I am the mom of four kids -- two Korean adopted, two biological (multiracial, part Korean). I have a young adult novel coming out next April called KIMCHI AND CALMARI about a quirky, good hearted Korean adoptee in an Italian working class family. I learned so much from talking to Korean adoptees that I feel this book is so much for them all.

I live in upstate New York and in fact the character in my book traces his biological sister to Saint Louis. Do you live in Chicago?

Wishing you well,
Rose Kent

HarperCollins, April 2007

Anonymous said...

Totally funny. I saw the article about it on the BBC website. It is nice to know that moments such as this don't happen only on the local news level.

Miya said...

Hi Michelle - I also saw your website on KAAN and wanted to say hi. I too am an adoptee from Korea and was wondering if you are my twin ; ) Can you email me at Thanks! Miya

Harv said...

Never, ever trust the audio guy!