Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One good reason I started this blog--

I wanted to keep a working journal about my friends, my family and my job...and really, that's an easy filler day-to-day. But I also have a hidden inform, discuss, and keep track of events surrounding adoptees and minorities. I was adopted, and sometime I'll share my story...but long story short: I have volunteered for Dillon International, an international adoption agency, since 1994...and believe that post-adoption services can make a difference in the life of an adoptee...I still volunteer for Dillon, and every few months, we'll have an informal, informational meeting. Almost every time the room is full of potential moms and dads, interested in adopting babies from Guatemala, China, Korea, Vietnam, Haiti, and India (to name a few countries.)

Anyway, there is a group in the Ozarks that is growing leaps and more families from Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas adopt internationally. Korea was the first country to really start the trend, but now kids are mostly coming from China...

Many of the adoptive families in the Ozarks get together under this group to share their experiences and make new friends...It's called the International Adoptive Families of Southwest Missouri, and the group has an event coming up!

There is a Playdate in the Park, SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th, 10 AM-NOON
Living Memorial Park, 4405 S. Glenstone, Springfield

This is a popular get-together for young kids and their parents. Please bring drinks or snacks to share!

Directions: Exit James River Freeway on Glenstone exit, go south to Republic Road, and turn left at the sign for the Nature Center.


Granny Geek said...

Welcome! It's nice to see another woman blogging here in Springfield. Has anyone else noticed that the local, female bloggers are highly literate?

Thanks, Michelle, for sharing info about the org for adoptive kids and their families.

Please tell us more. Have you been back to Korea?

Best wishes on your blog. You're better looking than ANY of the guys, and you can spell!

Amy said...

I second what Granny said. And my invitation for an interview is there. So far I've only gotten to interview two women bloggers here in Springfield. We need your voice.

Michelle said...

You guys are so great! Thank you for the support, I was really nervous about starting a blog! I have such a long story. I will share it with you soon, I just need to put it into words...The long and short of it, is that I have been back to Korea 3 times, met my biological family...I have 3 full-blooded sisters...but without a doubt, this is home, my family is here...More to come! Thanks for the support! I am very excited to be apart of a growing community of bloggers--especially women bloggers! Looking forward to good discussions--Michelle

Granny Geek said...

Our family was lucky enough to visit Korea in 1987. We learned SO much, and we were treated kindly by everyone we met. Best of all...we learned to love KimChee.

Clearly, we women need to talk!

Sniderman said...

Go Michelle!

There's so much to be done... not just adopting children, but continuing to support them and their new family members after the transition.

Thank you for helping.

You get a star by your name for the day.

Michelle said...

OH Kimchee is so good! My favorite kind is cucumber kimchee. It's not quite as spicy as the typical cabbage kind. My suggestion is go to Soo's Korean Restaurant...have you been there? It's awesome! I always order the kalbitang. My boyfriend gets the pulgoki! It's my favorite place to eat in town!!

Granny Geek said...

LOVE pulkogi. Kimchee can be made with cucumbers??????? Yum.

Jack said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. We have a very strong blog community, that meets twice a month. You are officially invited. It is a diverse group with a wide range of beliefs, yet still very accepting and complimentary of one another.

We hope to see you there.

I look forward to your adoption story, when you are ready to tell it.

Derek said...

I never knew you voluntered with adoption. That's really cool. What other secrets are you hiding? lol Anyway good luck with the blog and I'll talk to you later.

Michelle said...

If I told you all of my secrets, I would have to kill you.

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you are the hottest and most awesomest reporter I know and work with. Stay that way! I look foward to reading more in the future.