Sunday, August 13, 2006


So here's to an unexpected, but nice outcome of the blog: new friends to eat kimchi (pronounced: kim-chee) with over at Soo's Korean Restaurant. It is hands-down my favorite hanguk shikdong (Korean restaurant) in Springfield. I highly recommend you try it out, even if you're adamant about not eating "Asian food"...more than likely, you'll like the pulkogi (it's BBQ Beef and a Western favorite...and my boyfriend practically licks the serving plate.)

What is kimchi, you ask? Basically fermented food. Some type of kimchi is served at every meal. Sounds gross but is really good. Only downfall if you eat too much: fermented farts

My favorite: oye kimchi (cucumber kimchi)

Check out this fermented food phenomenon at:


Anonymous said...

Question: Besides Soo's and Korea House, are there any other Korean restaurants in Springfield?

Michelle said...

Not really. There's a fairly new Korean restaurant West of Kansas Expressway on Chestnut (I think). Korea Inn may be the name. Funny thing, Korea House is not owned by Korean people last time I checked, and when I went there the food was less than authentic. Interestingly enough, Haruno, Silk Road, and Fuji are Korean-owned (at last check) and some of their dishes are definitely inspired by their homeland.