Monday, April 21, 2008

Terrible, terrible, terrible

If you have been watching the news, you may know this story already. A skydiving plane crashed this weekend in Mount Vernon. Two people died--one staffer of Freefall Express got caught on the tail of the plane and another staffer was found inside the plane.

My heart goes out to everyone involved.

Without being morbid, I know many people are asking, what happened?? My heart breaks everytime I think about the woman who became entangled on the tail... what did she go through? And what about the staffer who didn't jump--was it because she didn't have the chance? Was the force of the descending plane too strong for her to move?
Was she just too scared?

There's apart of me that wonders if the staffers stayed behind to make sure the other four jumped to safety. I just have it in my mind that they were being heroic...

It's terrible. Absolutely terrible.


indigo-max said...

When I heard this last night it brought memories of another skydiving plane crash up near the Rolla/St. Clair area a couple of years ago.


Michelle said...

Is that the one where a few people died? I think I remember that. For some reason, I was thinking it happened near Sullivan.