Wednesday, April 02, 2008


If you haven't BINGOED in a while, you must give it another whirl.
Jim and I went to the American Legion on Friday on a whim..

Here were the TOP 6 surprises--

1. It's pretty cheap. It cost us $6 each for a half sheet.

2. The food is pretty good. Who knew?
And more than affordable...
another 6 bucks for a grilled cheese, a turkey club, french fries, and two drinks.

3. The prizes. Every game is at least $175... but some went up to $1000!!!

4. The dobbing. Everyone likes dobbing their bingo cards with that ink.

5. They serve beer. I didn't drink, but it made the night more lively for Jim.

6. The excitement of getting this close to winning the big game...

This is Jim's sad, but exciting bingo card

Jim almost won the blackout round! It would've brought in a nice chunk of change, probably $450 or something, if he was the only one who had a BINGO. He was so excited when we were playing, and it was so fun to watch him get excited like a little kid!

We also sat by this really cute lady who helped us out, and overall, everyone was really friendly. We needed some help at first getting the cards and finding out which color-coded card was for which game...

Overall, a great Friday night!! I would suggest doing it. I spent $20 and couldn't have done anything better that evening.

We're going to go back for sure!


Jason said...

We should have a Springfield blogger's night at Bingo.

Michelle said...

I agree! When are you available?