Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Feels Good to Be a Champion

I was joking with Jim this morning... I said, "So, it feels pretty good to wake up a champion."

KU made me really nervous last night, but overall it was an interesting game, and my favorite team came out on top!

Rock Chalk.

Naismith, Phog Allen, and other Kansas all-stars.

Mass (Street) hysteria.

Wen Wen Loves it too much!


The Ferber Family said...

haha, when i saw they won the first thing i said was, "boy, i bet michelle's going crazy right about now!" congrats, ku girl!

Michelle said...

Thanks. It wasn't easy, but I guess all that training paid off.

Show Me Opinions said...

What a game! Just wish I could have been in Lawrence for the celebration. Looks like Bill will be staying. Will be anxious to hear who else will be returning next year. Rock Chalk!!!