Tuesday, April 15, 2008

National Library Workers Day!

Today is National Library Workers Day.

NLWD is a day for library staff, users, administrators and Friends groups to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers... give them a hug!

Personally, I have a new appreciation for library workers. Why, you ask? Because I AM ONE!!

Yes, I've taken on a new job. It's part-time, (and I'm still working at KSPR...) but I am proud to be apart of the group that helped open the new Park Central Library in downtown Springfield!! It is totally cool.

me, Alan, Grace, Aleah, Julie, Jazy

My co-workers are smart, funny, creative, plus, they love to help people. Aleah, my branch supervisor, even said that I have a knack for being a librarian (or something like that... probably because of all of my fierce google searches). That's nice to hear, though, because she got her masters in library science, and dumb ole me is struggling to figure out Mobius, the interlibrary loan system, and COOLcat. See, there's a lot to learn about libraries!

Anyway, come by and see us! Our little claim to fame is having newer material, more newspapers, and a modern bookstore vibe. We're also attached to The Coffee Ethic, my new favorite place to grab a cup of joe!
Makes me wonder... why is there no national day to appreciate journalists? At least today, the library gave me a nice, round chocolate chip cookie. It smelled sooo good... needless to say, I didn't eat it.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to Library-land, Michelle! You're a natural!

Jason said...

I see you've been caught up in the web of my blog's home office. :)

Coffee Ethic rocks.

Aleah said...

Yes, you have fierce Google search skills... but Google by itself does not a librarian make! It's those other mad research skills that I was talking about. You look through databases for FUN, for cryin' out loud. How much more "librarian" does it get? :)

Michelle said...

Ha! I thought that was just the journalist in me. I'm glad to know those skills are good for something else! Yea!~ Hey, what are you doing up at 6:15???!!!