Friday, August 13, 2010

Um, do my eyebrows look funny?

So...when you're in Los Angeles, not only do you want to see the stars... you also want to look like them.

That's why my friend, Hannah, suggested I go to Anastasia to get a brow shaping. I already buy Anastasia products at Sephora... and after all, who doesn't appreciate the woman who does Oprah's eyebrows?

When you walk into the Beverly Hills salon, you'll find a whole wall of celebrity head shots marked up with thank you notes to Anastasia. I remember Eva Longoria's pic was right by my head... and I thought, "Dang, her eyebrows look good!"

Well, my eyebrows got tweezed and waxed, but somehow they got bigger in the end. I'm not sure if I dug it.

The woman who did my eyebrows was very skilled at her job, but at the same time, she was a bit harsh with me. She told me I needed to grow out my brows, and when I told her that they were just weird and didn't grow...she kind of scolded me. Granted, I felt a little Eastern European vibe from her... so, uh, maybe that was just the way she came off?

Regardless, I still had such a great experience! I even saw paparazzi outside snapping pictures of some unknown person. It was absolutely worth the $80! Just don't tell my husband.

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