Sunday, August 08, 2010

Korean BBQ Cookoff, Okies, and Sandra Oh

I have so much to blog about when I get home... I wanted to blog here, but there wasn't enough time. We literally spent 15 hours "working it" in Los Angeles for this journalism convention, so there was not enough down time to keep up here.

However, if you were following me on Facebook earlier today, you would've seen that I had quite the time at the 2nd ever Korean BBQ Cookoff in Korea Town, I mean... heaven.

First, you could smell the bulgoki and kalbi a mile away. I have also never seen so many people in line for intenstines...

My friend Hannah Says Hi and I went before our AAJA convention... We also had the chance to catch with an old adoption connection of mine from Oklahoma. What a day.

Anyway, this cookoff was so great that I thought about just moving to Los Angeles. There were thousands of people there (more than 10,000, I'm sure.) Actress Sandra Oh was just one of the judges... and of course, the main attraction was some damn good Korean food!!

Tickets were $5 a plate. And there were more than a dozen restaurants to choose from. We ate kalbi, bulgoki, and intestines...just like Oma makes 'em. Delish. The lines were literally 100 people deep but totally worth it to try out new twists on old favorites.

Never in my life have I seen so many people lined up for Korean food. Made me so happy. And, what did I have? Beef from Green Tea Kalbi. It didn't win, but I have no complaints!

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