Thursday, April 30, 2009


Minnie ate my camera. God love her.

She is so cute, but she's really going through this crazy phase of taking stuff off
tables and then eating them. Today, it was a Sharpie.

Then I came to work.


Frank and Natalie said...

It will get better... I promise. The puppy faze lasts for only a short time =D

(almost every pair of dress shoes I owned when Tug was a puppy has teeth marks on them... I have kept them all!)

The Ferber Family said...

ATE your camera?!?! i don't even.. what... HOW?!

Aaron said...

My wife nearly threatened to get rid of our dog when he scratched/chewed a button on our leather ottoman. If he had even thought about touching our camera, he would've been gone.

You might have to find a way to confine him to a certain room where there is absolutely nothing he can get to — at least for a while until he gets out of that phase.

Kathee Baird said...


My dog got my Ambien and allergy medicine off of the counter and chewed through the bottles and ate some.

Vet said not to make him vomit or that would kill him. He slept it off, but man did I learn a lesson.

Nat's right this soon will pass.

Michelle said...

My little dog Bobo loved to eat American Express cards. I am not sure why. I had to have it replaced like 5 times. They stopped believing that my dog was eating them after a while. I wish she was still here then maybe she could eat the card so I wont use it anymore.