Saturday, November 08, 2008

Text Flirting with Strangers

I texted work to let them know that I would be coming in late Friday...and I nearly got a date out of the ordeal.

MS to Ron Davis: I'm going to go ahead and drive some dryer balls out for a girl to try and then shoot it this weekend...i'm going to be at her house at 10, and then i might swing by sams for the luncheon to get some bulk rolls, plates, forks...

Ron Davis: Who is this

MS: Sherwood! I was just telling u so i don't have to comein, then turn around and drive out to this girls house

RD: Who is sherwood i thnk u have the wrng numbr

MS: Sorry then

RD: Who r u lookng 4

MS: Ron davis, maybe i mistyped, but u were in my book as rd...who is this?

(at this moment, I send a text to another number I have for Ron, and he reponds: K!)

fake RD: My name is Dana dont knw a ron davis but i hope u have fun r u at least cute oh my initalrr dr

MS: I only know one dana and he is a dj

fake RD: Nt hm last time i looked iwas definatly nt a guy

MS: no response

fake RD: Any way u have my numbr maybe we cn chat again

Observation: A girl took an opportunity to make a new friend (or possible date?) during a mis-text. You go, girl! But, for real? How about NO... I won't chat with you again because you're a total stranger! This seems kind of weird on the end of the girl. What if I was some pervy-perv dude, looking for some sweet action? I want this girl to be 15 because it seems like a youthful, harmless thing. It would be more creepy if she was 35. But I guess I was a little shocked at her boldness! Funny!!


The Ferber Family said...

um, creepy much? sure it wasn't just rd playing one of his meanie tricks on ya? if not... ew.

Jason said...

That's hilarious!

Complaint Department Manager said...

Look if you didn't want to text me again, all you had to do was just say so.

I feel so used.

oh my GOFF! said...

OMG! This happened to me too... when a guy called me and had the wrong number.. he was like "nice voice" you sound fun! WT???