Monday, November 17, 2008

Read about National Adoption Month!

Can you pick me out on this cover?

The Greene County Medical Society has published a great journal this month on adoption in celebration of National Adoption Month.

While adoptive families face the same everyday trials and tribulations of a traditional family, they are often compounded by additional issues--medical needs, socialization skills, adaptation and bonding behaviors (taken from Dr. Victor Pace, who adopted Becca in 2007. She's also the cute little girl in the top middle pic on the cover!)

I also wrote an article about the ever-changing experience of adoption. Closure? What's that? You can also see me in my 1980s-something-sailor-dress, and I think that alone is worth reading.

Other topics included in the journal:
  • The negative impact of institutionalization
  • Caring for the adopted child: the role of the primary provider
  • The adoptive home study
  • Special needs international adoption
  • Dreams can come true
  • International adoption--Russia

Anyway, check it out if you can!

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