Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asians and Toasters

Two things.

#1 First of all, I said this about a week ago on Facebook, but I'm really enjoying being apart of the new oppressed minority.

So far, it's been pretty fun. Yesterday, someone said something weird about Asians in front of me... and I would've said something, but then I thought, "Why bother? We are the new oppressed minority!"

Anyway, if you don't know what I'm talking about, CHOCOLATE NEWS on Comedy Central recently declared Asians as the new oppressed minority. Now that Obama is the President-Elect, blacks are no longer the most oppressed! You may be asking yourself, "Why Asians?" After all, we are stereotyped for being smart, good at math, and exotically exotic. I don't really want to repeat David Alan Grier's reasoning, but it has something to do with a misnomer concerning the Asian male anatomy.

#2 Has anyone been to Toasters Breakfast Cafe?

I was pleasantly surprised! I was working at the PRK when my stomach yelled, "FEED ME!"... I gave them a call because they were close in proximity. I told them I wanted a breakfast sandwich to-go since I would be taking it back to the library. It took less than five minutes (not an exaggeration), and it cost about $2. I quickly glanced at the menu, but I don't recall anything being more than $3 (despite the above picture I found on the Internet.) Even omelets were like $2.75--and they're open late night! My kind of place. I'm a new fan.

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oh my GOFF! said...

BWAH HA HA HA!! I am spitting my coffee out..I may have to give you props and write about this too! They are SO right in so many ways. lovin' it M!