Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm still alive, but there's always tomorrow...

Obama went fine on Saturday. It actually helped that we went on late because of a football game.

Now, let's talk about election day. Seriously, another day of potential clusters. However, I am optimistic. I'm going to Nixon's party in St. Louis, and I'm very excited yet nervous about it.

This brings me to another thought. If you're a reporter, you always hope the person you're covering wins the race. It has nothing to do with bias because most of the time, we don't get to pick which watch party we cover (unless a reporter has covered a particular person/issue.) You always hope the person you cover wins because, honestly, it's no fun being at the loser's party. It's actually kind of depressing. So, if Nixon wins, don't take it the wrong way if you catch me smiling every now and then during our coverage. I would just be smiling because we're at an upbeat party. It's no fun trying to chase down people who are tired and peeved.

On a side note, I voted today. Absentee. It felt wonderful! However, I always pause about the judge questions. Do I want to keep who in what position? I started thinking...what's the alternative? And then, what happens to them if I vote no? I felt like I was being asked, "So, should this person keep their job?" Geez, guilt.

By the way, if you vote tomorrow, you can get a FREE COFFEE AT STARBUCKS and a FREE DONUT AT KRISPY KREME. Just wear your "I Voted" sticker!

One more side note. We used to have debates in the KY3 newsroom about whether journalists should vote. Some said we shouldn't vote because we need to always strive for objectivity. Others argued it's our responsibility to vote. Any thoughts? Clearly, you know how I feel! My argument is that I'm a person and a U.S. citizen first... a journalist, second. I especially take voting to heart because I am a naturalized citizen. It's pretty cool that I'm here to begin with!


Dori said...

I've thought about that, too. I think we should be some of the most educated people on election issues and candidates (seeing we cover them so much) and therefore duty bound TO vote.

Darin said...

Hahah! I know what you're saying about the election parties. Sometimes it's hard not to be taken with the energy.

As for voting - I think it's important to report as if "you don't have a dog in the fight" - sometimes that means not covering a particular issue. But, by all means the choice to vote is an American right.

The Ferber Family said...

Frankly, I think the argument for not voting is the lazy man's way out. I agree with you that reporters are citizens first and they should absolutely vote. What kind of hipocrite does it make someone to sit behind a newsdesk and admonish people to go vote and not have voted themselves? I feel it's not just our right, but our responsibility to vote. Especially, as Dori said, seeing as how we should be some of the most informed folks out there. (though like you I'm always stumped on the judge questions!) The only responsibility you have politically as a reporter is to report in an unbiased way. Beyond that, you are an American citizen and you have the same rights as everyone else!

Aleah said...

Of course you should vote!

Journalism and Librarianship share one, endearing quality: we are both in positions that require the unbiased sharing of information.

We're professionals. As professionals we can have an opinion (and a strong one at that) and we can vote to support it. We can also put that aside to assist our customers (be they patrons or viewers) in accessing the information they need to make their own informed decision. Even if those decisions run contrary to our own.