Friday, October 03, 2008

We're gaining weight like it's our jobs.

Jim's sleeping, and I'm bored (Hawaii-time is five hours earlier than central.) We rushed back from dinner, where Jim ate a one-pound burrito. Now he's snoring, and I have nothing to do but update my blog. Our little TV only gets one station on a good day... and I'm tired of watching the highlights of the debate online.

Anyway, we had a very interesting day. It didn't start out well. Jim accidentally deleted all of the videos we made during our trip... he was a little perturbed because he said he lost all of the videos we were going to show our kids. How sweet...but oh well.

Then, in a bold and scary move, we decided to go our separate ways...

At least, across Maui.

Jim wanted to go to the beach to body surf... I wanted to get out of the sun to go shopping. Hello, anyone ever heard of The Shops at Wailea? Tiffany...St John...BCBG... I like to call it heaven, though I didn't buy anything (translation: couldn't afford anything.) Even though I really liked a diamond ring that was half off (only $1800!) Jim about soiled his pants when I told him I bought it. Kidding, honey~
Anyway, we keep eating our way through Hawaii. And it shows. I'm too tired to re-blog about it, so you can read about my thigh misfortune on the buff brides blog.

Tomorrow I'm going to go deep sea fishing for the first time. This company was recommended by a local guy... we go bottom fishing for smaller fish (like grouper) and we troll for big game fish (like mahi mahi, tuna, and marlin.) Cross your fingers for me. I hope I catch a big one... because truth be told--if I catch a big one and can stuff it, it's coming home for the wall. I'd trade that for a diamond ring any day. My dad would be so proud.

On the road to Hana: we even bought a self-guided CD. Highly recommended.

Eating sweet, sweet corn on the road to Hana. Also highly recommended. Try with lime.

Swapping secrets with the locals.

Food coma. Who cares about some stinking road to some place.


Aaron said...

Well, heck, there's a reporter position at KHNL:

Jim could apply for the photojournalist/reporter position, too.

I'm sure the food is awesome. Have you tried any sushi there? I've heard that there's no sushi like Springfield sushi (from a number of people who have traveled the globe), but how could it not be good with all the seafood there...

Michelle said...

The pay is horrible in HI. Most people are told they have to get a second job.

As for Springfield sushi, I have to say it is very good. We've eaten sushi everday, and I think SGF competes very well.

Soo's Korean restaurant is hands-down better than the two Korean restaurants we've had here.

On a side note, the butterfish (cod) cannot be topped.

Though the fish is fresher here, it's hard to say that people use fresh fish all the time. When I lived on the East Coast in NC, there was an investigation by the local newspaper--restaurants were using frozen shrimp b/c it was cheaper than fresh. Who's to say that doesn't happen here?

Vicki said...

I can't believe that it's been 5yrs. this Nov. that my husband and I went to Maui. It's nice to see your pics and read your thoughts, it brings back the memory of it all. I will always remember the road to Hana, what a great day. I had to pee so badly we paid 7.00 a head to go into this place called The Garden of Eden so I could use a bathroom!! The waterfalls along the way were fantastic... black sand beach... all of it. You'll never forget it.

Michelle said...

That is so funny! The price for The Garden of Eden is now $10. We went through it too. Though pretty, I wanted my $20 back! It was a quick trip!