Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finally, the end of the wedding!

courtesy Dave S. via phone

A big thank you to everyone who showed up at our wedding reception Saturday night! We had a little bit of a stressful beginning (100 RSVPs but 164 showed up! Yikes...), but everyone was so calm... and the staff at Mille's was on top of it. THANK YOU!

Also a big thank you to the person/people who ANONYMOUSLY donated several hundred dollars to help with our bill. Wh-wh-what? Jim tried to get it out of the person in charge. She said, "Listen, I've been doing this for 10 years, and I've never seen anyone do that." We were shocked, floored, and grateful. Wow!! Unbelievable. How will we ever find out????

We had a great time. It was wonderful. We have such great people in our new family... Jim's family is awesome (uh, hello...did you see the dance floor??) And, thanks to Mama and Papa Bear Sherwood for helping us throw a great bash. Without them, we would have had a pony keg and a small get-together in our backyard!

We wish we could've talked to everyone longer, but man... mingling is a full-time job. We had no idea how busy we'd be talking to everyone... and we didn't even get to everyone! Nuts! We felt so blessed to have so many of our good friends and family around.

OH, and the Allie Catz were awesome! If you ever want a good band, you must hire them. They were fabulous! Everyone kept talking about how wonderful they were. We were so impressed. Thanks guys!

Jeffrey Sweet was also our photographer. He was working his tail off!! When we get our pictures, we'll post them up here for our friends to see... but until then, enjoy the few we got from our friend, Tracy (who also just got engaged...yea!!)

My college friends surprised me... they made me sing our old KU karaoke staple: "Eternal Flame" by the Bangles. Yes, this did happen. Thank goodness, it was later in the night. Embarrassing!

Some of my best girl friends from KU. I can't believe they made the trip! A big honor to have these busy girls there...


The Ferber Family said...

You looked so beautiful in your dress & the food was AWESOME! Don't think any guests realized there was a problem with the head count. Great reception :o)

John & Megan said...

You know you loved Eternal Flame!

Michelle (Mitch) said...