Friday, October 03, 2008

Poser: Looking like a Local is Awesome.

OH, aside from the previous post, I want to add one more thing about Hawaii. Jim and I were talking about this today...

On at least three separate occasions TODAY, someone asked me if I was a local girl. I love it!! Jim and I were remarking how everyone here thinks I'm a local... though NO ONE in Missouri thinks that I'm a local (of the show me state, that is.) PS--What does that look like anyway? Do I really want to ask what a local of the Ozarks is supposed to look like?
Not that it's a big deal... but a friend of mine (Asian descent) once said that I had to go to Hawaii because it's one of the few places in the world where Asian Americans feel like they fit in. (Take note, adoption schpeel coming...)

It's true.

In Hawaii, you can be just about anything (small, big, brown, not brown) and still fit in. That is the Aloha way. On the mainland, you'll get a "What are you?" from the "whities"... and from the Asians, you'll get a, "what are you? Korean? Chinese? Is your daddy white? Why don't you speak Korean very well?" And, if you tell them you're adopted, it's practically shameful!

I met a Korean lady at the Kihei market today, and she gave me the Korean discount on some flowers... but aside from that, everyone here is one in the same. I love it. It's the first time someone thought I just fit in with the area! Even in Korea, people can tell right away that I'm a "Miguk Yoja"... American girl (which is fine...because I am... but c'mon, can't a girl go incognito sometime?)

Anyway, like I said before, one reason Jim and I decided to get married in Honolulu.


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