Friday, October 10, 2008


Our living room looks so messy, and we love it. We have been so blessed to have such great friends and family who've sent us a wedding gift. We registered, but we weren't really expecting to get gifts, and we didn't really want them... because it seems like such an odd thing to ask for presents (which again, we're not.) Of course, we're really enjoying them, so we need to tell our peeps thanks!

*I'm about a week behind on thank you cards. I'm still on Hawaii time. (How long can I use that excuse?)

Also, we had a little surprise last night. It is so disgusting. We found a mouse in Jim's suitcase. He scurried off under our fridge. I thought we both were going to barf. I wonder where he came from? I swear we're not dirty; I think he was just a little field mouse or something. :(

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Anonymous said...

I sent the mouse over to steal your presents. Obviously you caught him in the act. Please feed him and leave your back door open so it will be easier for him to get those cute martini glasses out. Please also act surprised when you come over to my house and I just happen to have the same ones.
I thank you and so does my mouse. I was going to get a cat burglar...but the mouse said it would work cheaper.

Peace out, LPG