Friday, November 19, 2010

OMG! Holt International... inspired by me?? What World Am I Living In?

I was lurking on the Internet and saw something that made me fall out of my chair. Holt International is starting to feature children in a weekly "Waiting Child" article. This blows my mind. The blog post mentions me for inspiration? W-What?

Only because I'm deeply in love with Holt. If you tell me you've adopted through Holt, I will probably hug you. Holt has won my respect time and time again. The people are so dedicated, and the organization's reputation is unbeatable.

Today, I am blessed.

BUT, the REAL story is about BEN! He's the agency's first weekly Waiting Child. He does some super cute stuff (like headstands), and he says he misses his friends who've left the orphange for forever homes (heartbreaking.) He's so darn cute!

Check out his cute little smile... send it out all over Facebook and Twitter. Thanks, y'all!

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