Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dave Arrives in Springvegas!

Our dear friend Dave is in Springfield... for one more night. It's been really fun hosting him during his trip. I've missed him. Dave has been a great friend to both of the Van Dillens, he was a very important part of our wedding, and he's the third part of the motley crew-- Jim, Taka and Dave.

Last night, we all went to Fedora to meet up with some of his Springvegas friends (it's Dave's term, not mine.)

The best part of the night was when a bachelorette party made their way into the establishment. They grabbed Dave, nearly ripped off his shirt, threw a lemon shot on his body and embarrassed the heck out of him. The best was that I think they were attempting to do a body shot--in the end, I think they just threw sticky alcohol on his chest.

It was the highlight of the evening... just look at the way he pouted afterwards!

It's been great seeing him. This old lady can't keep up with him, but it's been really awesome either way.

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