Saturday, September 25, 2010

DogFest 2010: Minnie Makes New Friends

Minnie and I went to DogFest today. The money raised goes to the Cruse Dog Park! We had such a blast!

First of all, Minnie loves other dogs. She may be a Rottweiler, but she thinks she is a small dog. No joke. She wants to play with all the toy dogs... who are like a whopping 3 pounds. It scares the bejezus out of some dog owners. I apologize.

Anyway, another thing I loved--the Dachshund Dash! Wow, weener dogs are so cute. There are several heats through the day, but the one I watched was hilarious. The little weener dog that won ran so fast, and then it pooped... I guess it had too much excitement.

We even met a bloodhound who works as an Ozarks police officer! He sniffs out trouble!

Had such a great time today! Even Jim stopped by on his way to a story to see his little Minnie in action.

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