Monday, April 26, 2010

Wine Country is great... BUT here are some weird pics!

I just got back from wine country with some of my college girlfriends. We had such a blast going to all of the different wineries, asking a million questions, and observing life on the West Coast.

Of course, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. I would've shared my experiences as they were happening, but there just wasn't enough time. I actually attempted to tape a story for work, and it turned out to be a nuisance. So, I quit. I realized I'd rather just enjoy time with my friends and live life!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time... but here are some of the more funny, behind-the-scenes observations.

1. Hicks (for lack of a better word...) are everywhere. I posted this on my Facebook page when it happened. I'm pretty sure he was from Napa because he had CA plates, and I just couldn't imagine him vacationing there. He spit so loudly... and he kept doing it over and over again. If you want to dip at the table, that's fine, but please be discreet! The fact that he was spitting on the floor was also ruining my appetite. I kept making up a story in my head-- like he's a "wannabe hick"... not even from the Midwest, but he wants to emulate what he thinks people are like here. Kind of like how we see Midwestern kids talk like surfers... or how a Korean pop singer will occasionally throw in an English word like "East Side" in their songs.

2. I don't care how trendy you are, how space-challenged you are, unisex bathrooms are creepy. I mean, it's one thing to have a unisex bathroom if it's a one-toilet stall with a locked door. It's really weird to have guys next to you in line... in the bathroom. Never in my life have I experienced that. And, by looking at the surprised faces of many of my bathroom mates, I'd say we were all in the same boat. I mean, what if I had lady business? Or, what if some guy had some heavy-duty business...and that bathroom was the only choice? WEIRD.

3. And, this is a funny pic of my underwear. Sounds weird to say, huh? My IMO (check her out in the post below) gave me underwear with a zipper on the crotch. She said I should wear it to hide money, especially when I travel. I almost died with laughter! I also laughed because she got an XXXL. I mean, I guess that could be accurate if we're going by Korean sizes. I'm like *Beyonce x2* when it comes to Korean sizes. I just look at those and hear my Imo's voice, "You put the money inside! It's good!" My uncle innocently suggested I put my phone in there since I lost it earlier that day... (insert joke.)


Sandy said...

My luck, I would have to have some fast cash and would have to take my pants down in front of everyone to get at it. How weird.

Marina said...

I LOVE these photos. The spitting/chewing guy, eww! The bathroom, so uncomfortable! And the panties, I must have some, even if they are sized in that weird, unfortunate way. Now that I see the pocket is in the front (instead of on the bottom) I am back in with the mints.

Guess the cell phone should be set to vibrate. Guess that is just too obvious. So was the thing about booty calls, so I didn't really say it.

B D said...

Haha, great post. Very entertaining and spot on.

PS. You are so gorgeous! Your eyes actually sparkle the whole time you are doing the news cast. Did you realize that??