Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Sister-in-Law, A Bad Travel Day, and a Bad-ass Bloody Mary

So much to report here.


My brother-in-law got married this weekend! It was such a beautiful ceremony... and the bride was probably the most beautiful bride I've ever seen. Tiffany is super tall, tan, blonde, gorgeous... she looked stunning in her dress.

Jim was the best man, not surprisingly. What did suprise me, was his toast. There are very few times when a loved one blows you away... wouldn't you say? Well, Jim blew me away with his toast. He did such a good job talking about his brother, including their grandpa Joe, and talking about the things that make their brotherly relationship so special. It really did bring a few tears to my eyes. And I was shocked at how well Jim worked the crowd. I mean, nothing he does amazes me because that's why I married him, but I was surprised to see him look so at ease with speaking.


The wedding was Saturday. Fast forward to today--Monday. We drove back from St. Louis Sunday night, and like the dummy I am, I chose to stay up all night and take my time packing. This way, I could finish the laundy, do the dishes, and make Jim's lunches for the week.

Afterall, I'd sleep on the plane... my flight left at 6:15 a.m.


My flight was delayed because a light indicator was going off. We had to wait for a mechanic.

We waited. and waited... and waited...

Finally, the flight was delayed further. Then, it was just canceled.

Then, I got re-routed to Chicago, which meant I'd be in San Francisco about 8 hours than originally planned. Not happy.

Then, I went and ordered chili fries. I mean, I was up all night! It didn't matter that it was 7 a.m. to me... it's always 5 o'clock somewhere...

A few minute later, I heard a guy say to another that the plane had been fixed. Huh? So, I marched my butt up to the desk and asked... sure enough, it was. I asked to be re-routed to Denver because there were more flights available to SF from there.

Prayers answered.

There was a lot more drama involved, but I'm too tired. So basically, I got here at 1:30 p.m. rather than 10 a.m.

Only problem... my luggage didn't make it.

Still at 8:20 p.m. SF time... still not here. I took a shower when I came to the room, but I still had to put on my dirty clothes afterwards. Yuck!

That leads me to my next story...


I am drinking one bloody mary. Not out of frustration, but just because I like the taste of them. Bloody marys remind me of my college days hanging out at a bar called Louise's West. Not only did they have the best bloody mary recipe, they also served it with a pickle.

This pickle has haunted me ever since. I always have to ask for a pickle and explain to the bartender and the people around me that it's really, really good.

In fact, if I have guests over at my house, I will serve them bloody marys and pickles. And they all agree it's pretty good.

So, that's what happened at Max's, the bar in my hotel. I ordered a bloody mary with a side of pickles... the bartender told me I was the first to ever ask for pickles. (Yes!) I like being the first...

Anyway, the bartender makes a pretty mean bloody mary mix-- I remember hearing lemons, limes, worcestershire, A1, pepper, and horseradish... but I can't remember the rest. To me, I think a good ingredient is Greek seasoning.

The bartender also told me to go to a bar called Zeitgeist. He said it's kind of a biker bar, but they have the best bloody marys. After reading a few reviews, I'm definitely up for it. Still wish I had my luggage, but I'm getting over it.

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