Thursday, January 07, 2010

My Shape Up Shoes!

I'm not trying to brag, but my Shape Up Shoes are all the rave at work! People keep staring at them and trying them on... it's been fun. (Sorry the pic isn't very good.)

The question is... do they work?

The jury's still out.

I wanted to try the Reebok or the Skechers shoes, but I DID NOT want to spend $100! A google search led me to the Shape Up Shoes... for just $39.99. Still a little expensive, but they definitely won't break the bank.

What I hope they DO break... is my bad posture. I also hope to shape up my legs. (These shoes promise to work out your legs and butt without hitting the gym...)

I asked Jim to get them for me for Christmas (we decided not to buy presents this year, but we each got one.) Women swear by them! I will say, I can notice a slight burn when I walk in them for a distance.

I'll keep you posted on this one. In the meantime, here's a story that KABC out of Los Angeles did:


Anonymous said...

I am a blog loving mother from the Midwest. I have 3 children, and soon to be 4. One, and soon to be two, of my children are from Korea. I recently found your blog and loved reading about your family and time in Korea. As a mother to two adopted children, I enjoy reading stories from adult adoptees. I want so much to do the best for all my kids. It is encouraging for me as I read your posts. If you have any additional words of wisdom from your lived experience I would enjoy reading. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for some shape up shoes and I saw your blog. I would love these could you let me know where you purchased them could not locate on the links in the blog. Thanks Patricia I am following you on twitter if you could tweet the website that would be great.