Sunday, January 24, 2010

Crashing a Cardinal-Korean wedding...

I didn't really crash a wedding, but at first, it felt like it.

A pastor of a Korean church in Springfield invited me to a traditional Korean wedding...

He said it was for Josh Kinney (yes, the St. Louis Cardinals pitcher) and Jorni Kinney. The couple officially got married in New York back in November, but they also wanted to have a traditional Korean wedding in Springfield. Jorni graduated from Kickapoo High School and met Josh when he played for the Springfield Cardinals.

It may seem a little weird to others that Jim and I were invited without knowing the bride or groom, but it wasn't really weird, at least not to anyone at the church... A lot of Korean people were invited just to support the Kinneys! Earlier in the week, Pastor Yoon from the Korean Presbyterian Church off Grant Avenue asked if I could come. It was his first traditional ceremony at the church, he said. I wasn't sure if he wanted media coverage... but when I asked, he emailed, "Praise the Lord!" He said it would be a neat story to feature for cultural reasons.

I emailed Jorni this week, and she was fine with it. She is such a nice girl...and so pretty! She also looked very beautiful in her Korean wedding dress. I actually got kind of sick for Korea when I watched her and Josh go through all the things we did back in October with Hyun Jeong and Glenn. I think it brought back good memories for Jim, too. Oh, and even Josh had to wear a light colored hanbok, like Jim's! Josh's hanbok was peach and blue... not quite pink! Look below to see what I mean!

Anyway, I wish the happy couple a lifetime of happiness! And, if you want to see some video of their Korean wedding, check out KSPR News at 10... Mike Scott has "the highlights" in sports!

*Thank you to Pastor Yoon and the Kinney's for letting us witness their special day! And the Korean food was great, too! If you're interested, the church teaches Korean language classes every Saturday... and they are truly a multicultural congregation!


Anonymous said...

This was such a nice article to read-I have known Jorni since she was about 7 years old,maybe even 6.I think of her often,and wish her and Josh the most safe,happy,blessed life together-it is God;s will to have that !if you are ever in Missouri Jorni,please,you and Josh are welcomed to hang out with us older people,love Debbie(Tami's Mom)myemail is

Anonymous said...

I met jordi at LAX. not knowing who she was, sat and talked while our little ones Logan and saxton played and shared chips.I could tell she was a great person just by talking to her and a great mother just by talking to saxton. Very down to earth! My husband figured out who I was carring a conversation with and did not tell me ( cardinals fan) . We sat in the airplane next to an ex football player and he was arrogant and rude to my little one. I am so glad my husband didn't tell me who Jordin and Saxton where .I got to meet a mariners wife and son and change my perspective when it comes to athlecs fame and family values. keep up the good mommy work!
Logan and Gissel Gray