Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Scooter!

Ode to Thuy, her dog Cosmo, and her former Malaguti.

I flipped the switch.
I've gone totally Asian.
I bought a scooter!

I bought the scooter from my friend, Thuy, who is moving away from Springfield to find peace and happiness in a much higher altitude. (I'll let you tell her where she's moving.)

Anyway, I feel guilty because it is such a sweet ride...
but all of my friends joke about my Asian-ness coming out on the scooter! ha~

It's a Malaguti Yesterday, which is an Italian-made scooter.
It is no longer imported to the U.S., but it has a great reputation.
I'm thrilled to own it.
It is 49 ccs, and it can fit two people on it!
Jim and I took it to the Bears game on Valentine's Day.

Thuy has such a dynamic personality. She put bumper stickers on it like "scooter trash" and "bite me"...
and her helmet she passed on to me has a big eagle on it with stickers like "Ain't Nobody's Old Lady."
Love it! I'm keeping it all!
Now the challenge is to find an equally cool helmet for Jimbo.

So far, I've driven it to work twice!
It has a one-gallon tank.
It cost $1.59 to fill up.
Talk about going green!

And, Mom, in case you're reading...
I'm really safe on it, and I only take it on side roads.


lillyella, uniquely you said...

wow - looks fun!!

M. said...

Wow! I am glad you decided to get it. Sounds like you are right at home on it. Me, I still won't ride ours outside of the neighborhood, and I freak out when I pass a car. I know, the gas mileage, right?

I wish I could make that Asian cool work for me. I think I lack the cool part of the equation. Can't wait to see you on your scooter.

Michelle said...

Oh I am jealous! I wanted a scooter but my hubby says I can barely drive a car. I wanted a yellow one and then I wanted a yellow helmet with a sunflower! That way you can see me in the dark!

Thuy said...

I'm sooo glad it went to a great home. Keep me posted, send me pictures!

Complaint Department Manager said...

In the words of the Red Rocker...

Jason said...

Good luck finding a cool helmet for Jimbo. :)

Kathee Baird said...

Sweet ride!!