Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pissed at Palin or Pissed at Me?

I don't know if anyone needs to be mad at either of us, but those were some of the reactions I got from some viewers Sunday night when I aired a story relating to Troopergate. You can read the copy (with more information) and see the story here.

But, it will be forever posted on YouTube:

Some people love them some Palin. Regardless of if you're one of them... I thought the story was interesting, timely, relevant... and focused on a local father's view of the situation. The focus was (as NPPA guys would say): "Dad is mad at situation." (A little insider trading, that's how we find and write a clear and concise focus to our stories-- we write up a small thesis statement. The story itself is not about whether Palin is bad/good--especially since that's relative and not my call since the investigation is ongoing. The story is about how this dad feels.)


Complaint Department Manager said...


I don't know why I'm telling you this because you probably already know this. There is a mindset around here that says, "My daddy voted republican and that's how I'll vote". These people NEVER question their chosen party, it's primative and it makes me sad. To them their people can do no wrong and if they did, well then it was just a misunderstanding. I've mentioned this to MANY people(I'm talking some here and some in Arkansas) and no one has challenged it. Palin is one of them so...

In summary:
I think, therefore I am liberal.

Michelle said...

Is there anything wrong with being a liberal? We were having this discussion in the library... why are some people with more "liberal" views being taken off air... but people with "conservative" views are not? Why can't people just be truthful? Why does any view have to one other than the truth? And what if people think conservative views are wrong? Why is someone with a more liberal view labeled as a bad person? Just throwing out the questions, that's all.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Michelle, liberals go against the grain of a mindset that does not want to challenge the status quo, we "are in league with Lucifer" for doing so. Your questions are fair, you'll just get a hard time finding someone to give you a, uh..."fair and balanced" answer.(ya dig?)

Again: I think, therfore I am liberal.

Kathee Baird said...

I thought it was fair, Michelle. It's not your fault that Mr. Wooten didn't know when to keep his mouth shut!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, a good unbiased report in my opinion and relevant given what's at stake. As far as those "liberal" vs. "conservative" reactions to the story, I'm reminded of a quote by Kirkegard (I think) that goes: "When you label me, you negate me." Too bad we can't more easily strip away all the politcal labels and just be human beings -- who ultimately all want the same things in life. [This is my first visit. You're a good journalist Michelle, with a terrific blog.] Take care. - David