Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jim and I got married


Jim and I are now married, and we just finished eating dinner with our new family! We are currently on the East side of the island of Oahu. We rented a house in Kailua, and it's awesome! Earlier this week, we were in Waikiki. We got married in Honolulu on Tuesday at the oldest cathedral in the United States (in continuous use.)

Here are a couple of quick stories:

1. Our flight was overbooked in Denver. After having our flight changed on us a couple of times, we finally ended up going directly from Denver to HNL. And we got two free flight vouchers for the change.

2. We stole a car on Monday. On accident. The valet gave us the wrong car, and a few hours later the Hertz people called and said they thought we had a car of theirs. Then, the Honolulu Police called. We felt so sorry for the valet who made the mistake!

Anyway, it's pretty calm at the new house. We are all just hanging out and a couple of us have our laptops. So, while half of my new family is outside...a few of us are in the backroom with our computers.

The weather is incredible. Sunny most days. A little rain (like 5 minute showers) every now and then. Also, there's only partial air conditioning in the house because the tradewinds really cool things down.

Wish all of our friends and family could be here. We miss so many people! Otherwise, see you in October at the Springfield reception! Hopefully many of you got our invitations!


Andrea said...

I'm so excited for both of you! Congratulations!!
I just got my reception invite. You did an amazing job! They're so cute! Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts are with you newlyweds and we can't wait to celebrate with you when you get home. Congrats! Post a picture of you looking hot in your wedding dress, woman!

The Ferber Family said...

YAY!! CONGRATS!! Can't wait for the reception.. the invites are super cute :o)

HyunJeong Park said...

Congratulations!! you look happy!^^
i got your mail but, i couldn't see your pictures. i just read the message "We're sorry, the shared album link (URL) that you used was not entered properly or may have been deleted." what's wrong? i really want to see your pictures!

Emma said...


Katie said...

Congratulations! Have a wonderful time in Hawaii with your time left, and hopefully you won't have any more flight mishaps on the trip home!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jim and Michelle!!!
I'm so happy for both of you!
It was great having you at my wedding and reception.
Sorry I can't make it to yours, but I know you understand.
Best wishes to you both as you begin your life together!
Mr. Shannon Jacob