Friday, September 05, 2008

Park Family Gets Bigger, Two Times Over!

He is definitely a gift, wrapped up in a little bow and everything!

How cool. Today I learned that my sister, Yeon Jeong, had her baby on September 3rd... after 10 hours of labor, she had to have a C-section. The baby's name is Huang Won Hoo, but they call him Hae Ssal (it means sunbeams!)
I am now officially an American auntie! How cool is that?! Being an only child, yet finding three sisters... it's all pretty overwhelming. And, more big news... my sister Hyun Jeong is engaged!

She is going to marry her American boyfriend, Glenn. This makes me really happy because, as I told Jim, this changes everything. Being selfish of course, this means I will have the chance to really know more about my birth family. If she's going to marry an American guy, she will be speaking more English with her husband and me! (my Korean is not that good... ) I will be able to talk to Glenn and understand more things about my Korean family. They can even come to the States to live if they wanted to! My family here could meet them! The future is so bright, and I am so happy.


Emma said...

awww he is so cute!

btw, did u go with the awesome blue shoes?

Michelle said...

both guys are cute, huh?! and yes, i have the blue shoes!! i can't wait (obviously can't sleep either!)

HyunJeong Park said...

She means Glenn is so cute? maybe he is so happy. ^^

HyunJeong Park said...

oh, maybe he is hae ssal.. ha ha!!
so funny!

Kathee Baird said...

Congratulations on all the happy news happening in your family right now.

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