Thursday, October 19, 2006


I've been absent for a few days because I've been beat down with a number of things: pink eye, an upper respiratory virus, and windburn (no kidding). Apparently, pink eye is going around. It has caused havoc in the newsroom since we all share computers, edit bays, equipment, etc. One of my co-workers had pink eye a couple of weeks ago, and I blame him for my absense. Anyway, I've never had pink eye before. It hurts. I have it in both eyes, but my left eye is much worse. At least today I can open them; yesterday I was flat on my back.


Sniderman said...

Who's the genius photog behind that pic? Headshots in b/w please. ;)

Speedy recovery juju for youyou.

Anonymous said...

Yuk. That's gross. I was gonna leave a comment like, "Hey! This is Joe! Used to work at the Nixa paper, saw your blog! Linked to you on my blog! How ya been?"

But I'm too grossed out.

Get better, dammit!

Gregory Holman said...

Yikes. Someone else has pink eye, I can't remember whom. Makes me glad magazine-land involves lots of people not sharing desks at all.

Jeff Wilson said...

Pink eye? Windburn? Flat on your back? What are you up to down there in Springfield?

I hope you are doing better. It has been too long since I saw you.

Michelle said...

HI Jeff! If you visit the blog again, leave me your email so I can write you back, duh! What have you been up to?

Tractorgurl said...

I tell my kids when they get a little blood shot due to allergies or something... "you don't have pink'd know it, you'd wake up with your eye glued together" and it's very painful.. take care and get better.