Monday, October 09, 2006


Does anyone know how accurate stat counters are? I check my recent visitor activity occasionally, but some of the entries don't seem right. For instance, there are some people who are supposedly logged on to my blog for 23 hours at a time. Does that sound right? And it seems like one minute I'll have just a few page loads and then the next, like 50. Can someone help me out?


Duane Keys said...

Time calculations on visitors are purely a guess. The hits are accurate, but the time spent is not something you can really calculate. If I hit your page at 8:00, then again at 8:05, there's a good chance I was reading the entire 5 minutes then reloaded the page or hit a new link. But if someone hit your page at 8:00, then again at 5:00, there's a good chance they weren't reading that entire time, but merely left their browser open.

Darin said...

Michelle, this happens to be an area of expertise of mine. The true answer is ....depends on what technology you're using.

Drop me an email and I'll help you with this.