Tuesday, September 26, 2006


There's a holiday in Korea called Chu'sok, basically the Korean version of the American Thanksgiving. In case you were wondering, it's celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar moon. (got it?!)

Most people call it the "Harvest Moon" festival.

On the morning of this very important holiday, Koreans perform an ancestor worship ritual and offer them food made of new crops to show thanks.

The holiday is also celebrated in other countries like China and Vietnam.

Anyway, there will be a small get-together at Phelps Grove Park on October 6th to celebrate. I believe it will be mostly attended by international adoptive families, but I think the more the merrier. I will definitely show my mug for a good time and good food...under the full moon! By the way, lucky red paper laterns will be available for the kiddies to carry in a traditional lantern parade! If you have traditional dresses, this is a good time to wear them! I have a hanbok, but, ahem, I think I've grown out of it...

Here are the details:
Friday, October 6
5 pm – 8 pm
Phelps Grove Park, Springfield.
Potluck dinner in the Pavilion, then everyone will be served Mooncake with Chamomile tea


Darin said...

Mooncake....any relative to spacecake?

Michelle said...

NO, moonpies, silly.

Granny Geek said...

MMmmmmmmmm. Moon Cakes. One of my favorite memories of Singapore.