Wednesday, February 02, 2011

News Anchor Talks about Brain Tumor

I just watched this thanks to a friend on Facebook. It really touched me. I don't know if it's because I am far away from my family, living out our decision that allows me to pursue my career...or something else.

I do find myself thinking that my face defines me. Or that my job defines me. What really defines me? My family. And, so... tonight, I'd rather be in a blizzard then at a beach. But... tomorrow is another day.

The anchor I'm talking about is Kathi Goertzen. She is at KOMO in Seattle, and her aggressive brain tumor has made some visible changes to her appearance. She seems so poised, and I really enjoyed listening to her. My dad had a brain tumor a few years ago, and it was life changing for our family. That's another story.

Well, watch... listen...and learn. Also, I love the way the reporter wrote a poem for her in his track. I think it's beautiful.


Anonymous said...

My son, a biology professor with 4 kids, has a brain tumor and undergoes chemo every two weeks for 4-1/2 hours. He has been on chemo for 1-1/2 years but doesn't give up. I loved the message from this beautiful woman. Thank you for posting it. I am from Camdenton, MO and miss you very much on KSPR.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the message... I'll pray for your family. Sometimes life is so unfair. I don't get it. We were really lucky with my dad's tumor, but the doctors told us it would grow back. And, there are signs that it has...

I'll be thinking of your family!