Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Shoot with Brownie Harris

I've been so blessed to work with great people... but today I was a bit intimidated.

This afternoon, I worked with Brownie Harris.

You may not know him by name, but Brownie is a well-known photographer who spent nearly 30 years in New York shooting news makers and celebrities. He moved to Wilmington several years ago and still travels the country for work and network interviews.

{Learn more about Brownie's famous photo shoots}

These are some of his pics (Miles Davis, Sophia Loren and John F. Kennedy, Jr.) One of Brownie's pictures even ended up as a book cover.

I think, perhaps, one of the greatest things about Brownie's work is not about famous people. Brownie leads a project called Hearts Apart for military families.

He takes great portraits of our service men and women and their families free of charge. It's a project that's growing... and he's even looking for a few good photographers in Springfield. I told him there were plenty.

{See Brownie on Fox News}

Anyway, here's an early pic from our morning session (I'm not sure if it's been photoshopped yet!) I'm here with my extremely talented co-anchor, Jon. I miss everyone back in Missouri, but I am enjoying being on the East Coast!

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Anonymous said...

My family moved to Wilmington last year from Missouri. Watch you each evening and now feel a bit more connected to back home...also from a very rural town in SE MO. Happened here to this while trying to locate a photographer. Our teenage son has had the acting bug bite and needs a portfolio shot. We are also wanting a familying portrait as well. Brownie does awesome work...but not sure we will be able to afford his services :)