Monday, March 08, 2010

Your Questions Answered: Cucumber Kimchi

Okay, this is in response to Nick! He asked where he can buy cucumber kimchi. He recently ate at my favorite restaurant, Soo's, and said he loved the cucumber kimchi.

Nick! You can buy cucumber kimchi at the Asian market just down Campbell. It's a little different than the kind you get served at Soo's... most of the time, it's stuffed. But it's still tasty!

(This is the kind of kimchi you'll likely buy at an Asian food store)

You can also look for it at the Asian market on Glenstone. (I think near Glenstone and Bennett.) I also like to go to that one because it's convenient.

I always make my own cucumber kimchi. I think it tastes more similar to the one you can order at Soo's. It's super easy, you'll laugh at how easy it is! Click here to find the recipe!

(This is the kind of kimchi you'll find at Soo's)

Hope that helps, Nick! ...And to anyone who wants to try cucumber kimchi. It is honestly my favorite kimchi to eat, and overall, I think it's a dish that goes over well among newbies to Korean food.

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