Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Our First Anniversary Trip: Stone Creek Ranch

I wrote earlier about our anniversary... but I never followed-up with where we went for my surprise to Jim.

I feel like I have done a great disservice but not writing about it!

We went to the Stone Creek Ranch in Mountain Home, AR! Jim was so surprised. He had no idea where we were headed...plus, we were driving in the dark. I think he thought we were going to Eureka Springs until we passed the exit. Then he said something like, "I'm glad we're married, otherwise, I would be really freaked out." It actually reminded me of a time when one of the photographers at KY3 kidnapped my best friend from college during a Springfield visit (I was at work.) But that's another story for a later date.

We zigzagged through Flippin, Gassville and Yellville... and eventually found ourselves on a dirt road. Luckily, I saw the tiny sign... "Stone Creek Ranch"! Yea! We made it, and there were no banjos playing!

The ranch was awesome. Jim and I had a rustic cabin... though it had all the amenities anyone would want. We had two bedrooms, a DVD player, a full kitchen, screened-in porch, grill, etc.

I brought some movies with me so we could just hang out and drink a little wine. I actually could not drink because I had some sort of flu-bug and felt sick... but I was not going to let that spoil our fun!

Anyway, the next morning, we met with our handsome horse trainer, named Ryan. I only add that "handsome" detail in there, because in my mind, I was thinking of the other women who might want to take retreats there (which the ranch provides.) They'd probably get a kick out of it.

That's neither here nor there... anyway, Ryan showed us how to communicate with our horse. We practiced for a bit in an arena, and then the three of us took off down a trail! It was so much fun and a little more rugged than I expected. It wasn't scary at all, but we did go through a few little streams and down some semi-steep hills. It made us feel like we were really riding. It was so relaxing and fun.

I would definitely go back there again. The place was great... not only does the ranch hold company retreats, it also hosts family reunions, women's retreats, and horse training clinics. Advanced riders can even learn more about cattle drives. If you go on a women's retreat, massage therapists and guest speakers will even come out!

Arvell and Karry Bass are the owners. Arvell was out of town during our stay, but Karry was there...and she was awesome. She's someone I'd like to hang out with! She says that she often books other things for people to do, too. Let's say, you want to go fishing, she'll arrange a guided fishing tour of the White River... I should also mention, I think people go hunting and fishing on the ranch's property, too.

Anyway, I give Stone Creek Ranch a thumbs up. Great experience!


Dr Jenn said...

Cool thanks for sharing the video of you guys riding. I never taped us riding when i had horses, just took still pictures. I miss the horses!

Sorry I haven't been for awhile, lol, been busy! How did your sisters wedding go? Can you link me to that story?

Michelle said...

OH, it hasn't happened yet! I'll be posting soon... going in just a couple of days!