Friday, October 09, 2009

News Director Opening at KSPR

The information is out there, so I'm posting it on my blog.

KSPR's news director, Brad Belote, is leaving his post for another intriguing position as the head guru of digital content for both KSPR and KY3. That means the Internet... the future of news, folks.

Brad Belote, (Google images)

Our general manager made the announcement yesterday afternoon during an employee meeting.

An immediate search will begin, but the position likely won't be filled until the end of the year. Brad will stay with KSPR until his replacement comes on board.

Brad is innovative, has great news judgment and is up-to-date on new technologies. I find it hard to believe that someone could match his knowledge and dedication to KSPR, but I'm hopeful!

If you think you know someone who's a shoe-in for the job, contact our Human Resources department.

Why would you want to work at KSPR?
  • New equipment: HD cameras, HD set, new editing equipment, brand spanking new office and newsroom.
  • Free range to do most things. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  • Working with a fairly hip crowd (with smaller egos, for the most part.) You also get to grow and mold a very eager and aggressive newsroom.
  • The growth is unmatched in this market. Ratings have no where to go but up. Heck, even I can say I helped quadruple the ratings on Sunday nights... who else can say that about their media career?
  • You can be proud of working for a company that continues to grow in a crappy economy.
  • You get to work with me. Though, in reality, is that a good thing?!

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Kathee Baird said...

Brad did such a good job bringing the station up from crap ratings to where you all are now.

Innovative that's for sure. Hmm...who will get the 4 'clock slot now?

I wonder if they would consider RD? He know the area and what Ozarkers want for news coverage.