Thursday, March 19, 2009

Minnie, the shoe eater

It is my fault, but Minnie has now destroyed at least five pairs of my shoes. The latest casualty is my favorite pair of Merrells...that I wear at least once a day.

Jim basically found them half-eaten on the kitchen floor yesterday. I left them there because I came home from a board meeting, showered and got ready for my day at KSPR, and then rushed out the door. In all of the chaos, I left my dear, sweet Merrells in the kitchen, where Miss Minnie stays when we're at work. (Her kennel is in there, but this way she can run around a bit.)

Jim gets home earlier than I do. He found them and called me to essentially "tell me so."


By the way, I'm wearing the shoes today, and I don't care. Yeah, I'm WT. Wait, AT.


M. said...

Oh, this is sad. I think I do not have the requisite good sense of humor for a dog. I think I would have lost it.

Michelle said...

Oh that is a puppy for you. When I first got my little dog Bo she ate 5 American Express cards! They were getting very aggrivated when I had to get them replaced! I wonder why Visa was not to her taste?

Red said...

what is WT and AT?

Just remember, puppies are babies with big mouths. I have not lost a single pair of shoes to our 4 pup's but I have lost ... A halloween costume (while lulu was wearing it), my back yard to holes that I can't keep up in filling them in, and the poo as much as the horses!

Michelle said...

White Trash. Asian Trash.