Saturday, February 16, 2008

How long does it take?

How long does it take for someone to recover after a small surgery? Anyone? I got my cast off my wrist a week ago, and my wrist still hurts. The doctor said it would be mobile after about 3 weeks, but I don't really see how that's possible. If I would have known that a little cyst removal would have caused so much pain...I may not have done it. But no offense to the guys who took it out.


Anonymous said...

Buck up, Sherwood.
Drink water and drive on.
If you have to, tape an aspirin to it.
Remember, all pain is temporary.
Except arthritis.
And this ain' arthritis.
Take 4 ibuprofin and get back in that kitchen.
Jimbo be hungry!

Michelle said...

JJ! If I only had two good wrists...I'd back hand you and then give you a big hug.

Anonymous said...

Given the choice....
Hmmmmm...not sure.
Seriously, get well soon.
It does suck to have a wounded extremity, especially when you're a handsy person like yourself.
Feel better!

Jason said...

Sorry to hear the recovery is taking so long, Michelle. :( It's amazing how some things heal fast and others can take forever to get healed.

Complaint Department Manager said...

Pain is temporary no matter how long it lasts.(I love that saying) Oxycodone, ask for it by name.