Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bye Bye Melissa!!

Melissa, with curly hair
One of my great friends is leaving Sunshine Street for the Sunshine State!
Melissa Yeager is leaving KY3 and heading out to Fort Myers, Florida.
She's got a fabulous job as the investigative reporter and fill-in anchor.

She was a great leader in the KY3 newsroom...
and will be a great leader in her next!
Good luck, Melissa!!
Her last day at KY3 is just one week away.
Please send her an email to wish her well!

On a side note:
I followed Melissa at KJHK in Lawrence, then Topeka, and of course, we worked together in Springfield...maybe that's a sign as to where my next move will be, as well? ha!


Brad Belote said...

Moving, Michelle?

U R kspr 4 LIFE

Michelle said...

Ha! No, not moving! I like where I am!

Desdinova said...

I'll miss Melissa. Good luck to her.

Oh yeah, Michelle, I'm tagging you with the book meme. Just grab the book nearest your computer, find page 123, then find the fifth sentence down. Type that sentence and the next three on you blog. Have fun.