Thursday, January 31, 2008

Just Try It: Pork Chili Soup

I am gearing up for a chili cookoff-showdown at work on February 8th. Problem is, I don't really like least the beans.

Nonetheless, Jim and I are planning a strategy to overtake KY3 and KSPR with our awesome chili. We want the glory, man.

We've been testing out some of the most award-winningest chilis ever put on the Interweb...because that's the best place to go for something original and truly homemade, duh!

The following recipe is not a chili-cookoff-winner. However, it does taste good, almost like a tortilla soup. I took it to KSPR today because it went perfectly with the cold weather...and as you can see, the bowl was emp-tay! It looks gross because it's burnt inside the crockpot, but it promises to be delicious (especially on day two!)

The faces of future chili cookoff winners

Pork Chile Chili (or soup)

3 lbs. pork shoulder (or a lean cut of pork), cubed
2 cans stewed tomatoes
3 cups water
2 16 oz. cans of whole green chiles
1/2 t oregano
3 T bacon grease
1/3 c flour
3 onions, chopped
6 garlic gloves, minced

**Melt bacon grease** (you can opt for a light oil!). **Put flour in a gallon-size ziplock bag and add half the pork.** Shake well to coat and cook in skillet. Put aside in a dutch oven. Coat the other half of the pork and add to skillet. Remove meat and place in dutch oven. Add onions and garlic. Add to dutch oven. Stir in remaining ingredients, lower heat and simmer 45 minutes.

1. You do not have to use bacon grease. Olive oil, canola oil, or no oil will do
2. You definitely do not have to bread and fry up your meat! I would, however, use just a little bit of flour to thicken the chili.
3. My thoughts: add lots of black pepper and garlic powder to your meat. I have a feeling chicken would do well if you don't like pork.



JVD looks ill. Like you made him swallow.


what's the secret? Bone spurs from your now bionic wrist?


dirtsister said...

Will try the recipe. One year I won the cook-off with a bean-less chili.

Michelle said...

dirtsister, i would love to know your winning receipe. :)