Thursday, November 08, 2007

No time to blog!

God, are the days getting shorter?

If you really want a good read, you should check out some of the blogs from my coworkers. I just realized we are like the blogger station. Watch out interweb!!

First of all, there's Ron Davis and his Chatter blog. Need I say more? Ron is a pioneer in so many ways, and he always manages to find the most obscure facts about things. Plus, it doesn't hurt that he makes me laugh.

Next, there's Doc Larry. Larry will laugh at me when I say this, but it actually took me a couple of weeks to figure out who he was. I mean, I had read his blog, but I didn't know it was him...and here he was, the 1o pm producer. Ha! Good stuff...

Then there's Emily Rittman...she is a reporter and a person, too! That's the premise of her blog...she's so funny, and I really enjoy sitting by her. Most days she's chasing down criminals in the Ozarks, and I think you'll really see great things from her!

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