Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Your taxes don't always go to the state!

I don't know why this is amazing news, but I was pretty floored to see how many businesses keep the taxes you pay them.

For example, when you buy something at a business, you pay sales tax. The business collects that money. Some businesses don't pay the state.

Another example. You work for Company A. The Company withholds a certain amount of taxes that are supposed to go the state. Company A fails to pay the state.

The Department of Revenue says there are more than a thousand businesses doing this--I found more than 450 in Southwest Missouri who are delinquent...and we're not talking chump change. The DoR says these businesses don't just owe a buck here or there...the spokesperson says it's typically a lot of dough.

One restaurant in Springfield owner told me he owed the state $20,000 in taxes...he just got behind with the ice storm. He says that he'll be paid up by the end of the week.

Still, here's a basic breakdown of our sales tax: 3% goes to the general fund. 1% goes to education, the rest goes to things like conservation and highways.

How much has the state failed to collect from businesses, you ask? The DoR says $30 TO $50 million dollars!!

Anyway, I did the story last night on KSPR, but you can see who's not squared up with the state by clicking on the DoR's website youself. Kind of interesting stuff. I popped in one a business owner to ask him why he's on the list. He was a good sport, I'm surprised he didn't kick me out of his shop.

So, next time I go to a business, do I have to pay sales tax? I don't want them to pocket my money!

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Larry Litle said...


I saw your piece last night at 10:00. I wanted to check out the changes on 33. I was pleased by what I saw. Keep up the good work, as you always do. I am looking forward to seeing you in the anchor chair this weekend.