Saturday, May 12, 2007


If anyone watched KY3 News at 10 last night, they would've seen a full moon. A group of kids ran behind Melissa Yeager as she was doing her live boy pulled down his pants...and out came his bare naked bum!

The first reaction is to giggle!
The second reaction is to get mad!

Melissa was doing a serious story about reprimands concerning a nursing home. The mooning was indecent, and we should've been more prepared from our end (no pun intended.) We really do our best to prevent these things from happening, but sometimes they are just impossible to stop. Rarely do they happen, and for that we're grateful.
Melissa says there were six kids there, and she told them they could watch the news from the truck. She was trying to be polite because they kept asking if they could be on TV, and she said the story was inappropriate for them to be in the background...


To anyone who thinks this might be a good idea: Don't do it.

1) No one wants to see your hairy/white/pimpled/wrinkled/(name your feature) butt on TV. I'm really trying to do you a favor.

2) It's indecent. I'm pretty sure this could evoke an FCC fine or something.


Aaron said...

I knew those little punks had it coming when she turned around right after she tossed it back to Lisa.

Is it just me or are more and more live shots getting ruined by crap like that? Even people just honking their horns happens all the time.

Max said...

I think it's one of those things that every station that does a live shot like this is apprehensive of. I'm always seeing situations here on the St. Louis channels of some nimrod in the background of a live shoot that pretty much thinks they are being funny. Someone dropping trou on a live feed is not hilarous. It's just plain stupid.


Anonymous said...

Fair and Free Elections?

Music =

Desdinova said...

I feel for Melissa, as I have been in a similar situation. We had a rash of foul mouthed callers to KWTO-FM last month.

I mentioned this story and my experience on the blog. I received a rather ugly and disturbing comment from person who wouldn't leave their name. I screen my comments so it won't go up on my site in all of it's "glory."