Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ozark Greenways Adventure Race

Boy, was I tired after the race!
...I mean, all that waiting around for the runners to come exhausting!!

Craig and Alex Keeling watch and wait

Leah Cagle looks out for the color blue

The Ozark Greenways Adventure Race was Saturday at the Niangua River Oasis. Co-ed teams basically put their bodies through extreme physical challenges, located out in the woods. They run, canoe, mountain bike, orienteer, and do mystery tests. The challenge can take anywhere from 7 to 13 hours!

It's rough, and in some cases dangerous. Yesterday I heard that a woman appeared to have broken her pelvis after falling OVER her bike several times.

Jim the jock and Michelle the eh, support

I personally never want to do anything like this, but my boyfriend (Jim) and three more of my co-workers thought it sounded like "fun". I am so proud of them!

Team KY3: Travis Cagle, Sara Sheffield, Jim Van Dillen, Beth Keeling

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Gregory Holman said...

Bravo to Mr. Jim for makin' it happen!