Monday, April 23, 2007

Cardinals Fans will drool...

The World Series Championship Trophy is in Springfield!

It will be on hand Monday and Tuesday at the Springfield Cardinals game. Gates will open 30 minutes earlier than normal, so fans can take their pictures with it. Game time is 7:10pm and gates will open at 5:40pm


Tiffany & Co. makes the trophy.

Um, there was no "blue box", but it did come in a Tiffany bag!

General Manager Matt Gifford shows us a part of the trophy we never see--the bottom.

People who handle the trophy must wear gloves. Matt Gifford and Kirk Elmquist (General manager and VP Sales and Marketing) both escorted the trophy to our morning show...and also standing by was a Greene County sheriff's deputy.

And to think, I was kind of dreading the early morning hours today!

Me and the trophy.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Thanks!

But I can't help wondering: Who was paying the salary of the Greene County Deputy Sheriff who was guarding the trophy? Was he on the public clock? Or was he off duty, being paid by the Cardinals?

Sniderman said...


I think one deputy's time is worth it over the plethora of people that would swarm if something happened to the trophy.

Michelle... thanks for not holding up Matt at the station. We had to tromp all over town to get to the next spot.

In the end, as you saw, it was totally worth it!

Go Cards.

Anonymous said... are such a dork Michelle. Yours truly, YMCA Bud