Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Germans adopt girls from China

Rick and Jill German, from Springfield MO, adopted two beautiful girls from China. Ashlie and Allie are funny, smart, and gorgeous! Just like sisters, they have a lot in common, but they are very different, too. If you're interested in getting a video like this for your family, leave me a message!


Anonymous said...

Michelle, thank you so much for your work in putting this together for our family. You know that we will treasure it. Jill

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful video! We appreciate all that you do for the adoptive families in our community...ours included! We are waiting for our 2nd child from China (a boy this time) and it was so great to see this clip! Wendy

Scott said...

Hi Michelle,
Scott here- Jill's brother- commenting from New York-

Very beautiful video, you certainly have a talent for capturing the true spirit of the German family!

Thank you so much- that was absolutely wonderful to watch!

Kim said...

Hi Michelle,

My name is Kim, we are in the travel group with the Germans. I enjoyed the video so much. You are very good at what you do!! You also had a precious family to work with. I will bookmark your site for the future.


Anonymous said...

I am wiping away the tears as I just finished watching your beautiful video. I LOVED it!!! I have never seen one done where the parents are interviewed and talk about their adoption experience. What a great idea! I know that Ashlie and Allie will cherish it. It really is very special.

kristi german said...


I am Kristi - Rick and Jill's daughter and Ashlie and Allie's older sister. I live in Dallas and I hardly ever get to see my family. I really appreciate you making this video and (like my uncle Scott stated) really capturing the spirit of my family.

Thanks again -Kristi

Emma said...

Very heartwarming!