Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This blog has been nominated for two Blogaroni Awards. How exciting! I just started this blog for fun, and it is so nice to be nominated for a post on international adoption!

Best Special Event Coverage--International Adoption
Post of the Year--International Adoption

This has been so much fun, and the blogging community has been awesome. Everyone is so great. Please check out Larry Litle's blog: Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind

Get on there and vote! And not necessarily for me!
P.S. Ky3's Dave Catanese has been nominated four times for his political blog.



Tricia Headley said...

Michelle, wonderful wonderful job on the German video! I cried through the whole thing, so of course you MUST do one for our family. We met at the Library Station when Jill was doing the adoption seminar and I'm the Mom of Mia and Meisi (Ashlie and Allie's China sisters). E-mail me and let me know when we can get started. Thanks for showing the wonderful experience of creating or growing a family through adoption! Tricia

Gregory Holman said...

Great seeing you last night!

Here is info about me being at the Skinny tomorrow reprinted from my blog:

If there isn't too much winter weather, I'll be a guest at tomorrow night's edition of The Mystery Hour, the Skinny Improv's talk show. It's hosted by Mystery Jeff Houghton. He is a funny tall person from Iowa. His wedding to the lovely Michelle was written up in the current 417 Bride. He in the past has caused me to become apoplectic with laughter. Especially when he performs his "Bert Berkowitz-Machowski" character, a crusty old bingo-readin' guy who hosts most of the GO Magazine/Skinny Improv "Skingo" bingo nights.

The Mystery Hour is at 10 p.m.; tix are $10, or free if you purchase tickets for the Skinny's "Main Stage" big show, which starts at 7:30 p.m.

Because the Skinny is in the midst of completing its spiffy new theatre on Park Central East, tomorrow night's show will take place just a couple doors to the east at Springfield's historic Gillioz Theatre (St. Louis readers, it's like our version of the Fox on Grand Boulevard.)


Come out, hear me be interviewed by Mystery Jeff and his sidekick and heckle! (Nicely, of course.)