Wednesday, November 22, 2006


So, today I went to the doctor because I've been really jittery. I thought maybe I was showing signs of early diabetes or something because it's been happening when I eat. Plus, I think diabetes runs in my biological family--not really sure, the translation was sketchy. My doctor said it was probably stress and lack of sleep. I am thankful...because that is easily solvable.

Here's a thought this Thanksgiving...this is a list compiled by the Willard School District.

The top 10 things that make students thankful this year, are:

#10 air and water
#9 a clean chair
#8 janitors
#7 broccoli salad
#6 My prisbole (that is kidspeak for Principal)
#5 food
#4 remote controls
#3 pets
#2 our teachers
#1 Mom and Dad

*Dr. Kent E. Medlin
Superintendent of Schools
Willard, MO

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