Monday, November 27, 2006

Ozarks Marine becomes paralyzed after getting vaccinated

Here's the story of a young Ozarks man who grabbed my attention. His name is Josef Lopez, and he's just 20-years-old. Just about a week before leaving for Iraq, he got a small pox vaccination. These are not mandatory by the military, but apparently, they're advised. His reaction to the vaccine is so rare, that doctors at a naval hospital told him they had only seen three other cases like his in the past decade...and to top that, the CDC reports that out of every million people, less than 55 will have a serious reaction to the vaccine. Here's his story:

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Anonymous said...

Michelle, you did such a great story on Joe. I would love to have a copy. Is there some way for me to copy it onto my computer, so I can share it, when not online?

Joe is going home tomorrow. He is so excited about being able to sleep in his own bed.